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Up in the Himalaya and Andes, at an altitude of 2,500 to 5,000 meters, people are exposed to intense sunlight. About 80% of the population suffers from eye damage and serious eye diseases. SINNER & Shades Of Love collect sunglasses and distribute them directly among the world’s highest summits and villages.

About Shades Of Love

Your old shades will help local families to have a better life.
Being able to keep your sight is crucial for the local inhebitants to survive and develop.

Shades of Love will teach the locals on how to deal with the increasing UV-radiation and how to cope with the consequences. Educating local communities is key to prevent migration.

Shades of Love will give their best to supply the communities that live under the most extreme conditions. The most remote communities are the ones that are in the greatest need.

How to help?

This summer SINNER will transport more then 6000 sunglasses to the Himalayan regions.
However, we ain't there yet, and that's why we need your help!


Give your discarded sunglasses a sustainable second
life on top of the world.


Spread our mission among friends, families and co-workers. With every single pair of sunglasses we can give one person a brighter future.


Help realizing the future goals of Shades of Love.
Donate via the donation account of Shades of Love.


You are flying to New Delhi or Lima? Donate your remaining luggage space and load some of our stored sunglasses.

Become an ambassador

Become a part of the Shades of Love community.


Shades of Love in full effect

Underneath you can get an impression of our trip to the Himalaya, where we handed out sunglasses and made the Shades of Love documentary.

Talking about Shades of Love

Jürgen Altmann

Founder, Shades of Love

"Our brand mission is to refurbish used or unsold sunglasses from manufacturers and individuals and distribute them to people living in remote areas of Himalayas mountains. In these regions, UV rays are extremely strong and most of the residents do not have access to efficient solar eye protection, which causes premature damaging of their eyes and visions".

Niklas Huppmann

Co-Founder & Operational Manager, Shades of Love

"After having shipped all of the donations from all over the world to our storage hall in New Delhi we prepare our Royal Enfield motorbike and bring the sunglasses directly to the small villages, schools and fields."

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