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Sustainability is an integral part of our business, every single day.

We believe that the future success of our business dependents on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Our mission is to be a sustainable lifestyle brand through how we create our product, manage our operations and connect with our community.


CX Collection

Get familiar with our CX Eco-Friendly Series. These glasses are made through a 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly production process, without toxic BPA. The glasses are flexible and high impact resistant.

Floating Sunglasses

This collection is partly developed to decrease ocean pollution. The special construction of these frames makes these shades stay afloat in water. Therefore, this is the ideal product for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and care about the oceans.

Copper Goggle

First of all, it's nice to know that this goggle is completely frameless. Apart from the stunning looks, this frame is also eco-friendly, due to the fact that there's a little material used. Besides that, the strap is made of 80% bamboo yarn. This is going to be a sustainable winter!

BSCI Membership

The BSCI Code of Conduct aims at setting out the values and principles that BSCI participants strive to implement in their supply chains. Each BSCI participant endorses the Code of Conduct as well as the Terms of Implementation, the Glossary and the Reference when joining the initiative.

Shades Of Love

SINNER supports the Himalayan and Andean eyewear project. Up in the Himalaya and Andes people are exposed to intense sunlight. About 80% of the population suffers from eye damage and serious eye diseases. SINNER & Shades Of Love collect sunglasses and distribute them directly among the world’s highest summits and villages.

Sustainable Future

To endure in a changeable world with more limits on resources, we're continually working on our strategy for a more sustainable production process. We take on the challenge of making more sustainable products and improving working conditions in the industry.