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Free Insurance

The moment you accidentally sit on your glasses or scratch a lens is not the time to discover your eyewear isn’t covered by your home contents insurance policy, or that a claim will damage your no-claims bonus. Sign up now and get 1 year Free Insurance against theft, loss and damage on your new SINNER shades!

Free Insurance policy

(Last updated on 14 April 2018)

The SINNER Free Insurance is only valid on SINNER sunglasses.

To get your SINNER Free Insurance you need to register online within 14 days of purchase.

The duration of the Free Insurance starts from the date of purchase.

The Free Insurance is valid against theft, loss and defects on your pair of Sinner sunglasses.

Standard warranty for manufacturing defects should go through your authorized Sinner Dealer.

How to claim your SINNER FREE INSURANCE.

If you want to claim your SINNER FREE INSURANCE, please send an e-mail to sinner@sinner.eu containing the following information:

A copy of the original purchase receipt from an Authorized SINNER Dealer.*

The confirmation e-mail.* (*Please note that the Date of Purchase on the two documents must be the same.)

Let us know what happened to your pair of sunglasses:

In case of damaged or broken shades: please send us a clear picture of the damage by e-mail.** (**You do NOT have to return your damaged or broken shades to us.)

In case of theft or loss: please add a copy of the official theft report.*** (***Citizens of The Netherlands should at least provide us a copy of a theft/loss report from: https://www.verlorenofgevonden.nl/.)

After receipt of your e-mail we will contact you. If we approve your Free Insurance declaration, please note that we will charge you shipping and administration costs to provide you your new pair of sunglasses. We will inform you on forehand about these costs.

In case that the purchased item is no longer available, a replacement item of the same value will be offered.

Only 1 claim per insurance registration can be made.

The Free Insurance will cease after 1 year and cannot be extended.

SINNER’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

These conditions are governed by Dutch law.

To make a claim on your Free Insurance or if you want more information about the Free Insurance policy, please contact our Customer Services on: sinner@sinner.eu.

Please fill out the form and claim your Free Insurance!

You can find the product code on the price label of the product. For example: SISU-486-20-10

The SINNER Free Insurance is only applicable if registration is made within 14 days of the date of purchase.